The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing Fontainebleau Miami


Welcome to the splendor and grandeur of Fontainebleau Miami – an iconic landmark reborn, offering a blend of rich history and modern luxury.

Historical Essence of Fontainebleau Miami

The rise of Fontainebleau Miami began in the mid-20th century. An emblem of stylish living and ensemble of entertainment, this architectural marvel has been a celebrity and movie star darling from the 1950s. Hosting lavish parties with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, the Fontainebleau’s grandeur has been unstoppable.

The Iconic Architectural Appeal of Fontainebleau

Unveiling the architectural blueprint, Morris Lapidus, the famed architect and visionary, formulated a bold design for Fontainebleau Miami. From ‘Staircase to Nowhere’ to the distinctive ‘Bow-tie’ motif flooring, each curve and corner exhibits innovation.

Luxurious Suites and Rooms

The magnificence extends to its luxurious suites and rooms. Over 1,500 elegantly-styled rooms and junior suites speak volumes of the seamless integration of comfort and elegance. Panoramic views of the azure waters of the Atlantic and the city enhance your stay at Fontainebleau Miami.

Exquisite Taste of Fontainebleau

One cannot mention Fontainebleau Miami without applauding their outstanding collection of restaurants and bars. Renowned chefs leave their culinary imprints through exclusive dining experiences. Fusion of flavors, from casual dining to high-end gourmet, Fontainebleau Miami caters to all palates.

Reviving the Senses at Lapis Spa

For those seeking relaxation and renewal, the prosperous Lapis Spa is a sanctuary. The mineral-rich water therapies combined with rejuvenating treatments produce an ethereal spa experience.

Unparalleled Event Spaces

Seeking a place to host unforgettable social or professional events, the Fontainebleau Miami offers a selection of remarkable venues. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers, breathtaking ocean views – each event space is as glamorous as the next.

Iconic Nightlife

The charm of Fontainebleau Miami deepens with dusk. LIV, the exclusive nightclub, attracts the world’s top DJ’s and artists. Join the vibrant crowd and animate your nights with the energetic beats at the heart of Miami Beach.

Activities for the Energetic and Adventurous

Fontainebleau Miami ensures it is not just about sun, sand, and nightlife. With an array of activities, ranging from water sports to fitness classes, every day is filled with fun and exploration.

Ultimate Family Vacation at Fontainebleau Miami

For families, Fontainebleau Miami is a paradise. Kids can enjoy the Family Escape vacation package and the FB KIDS’ Club. Let your little ones indulge in treasure hunts, art, sports while adults relax.

Ecological Responsibility

Fontainebleau Miami believes that luxury and sustainability can harmoniously exist. Being Green Key Eco-Rated, they take several initiatives to minimize their environmental footprint.


Fontainebleau Miami is not just a vacation destination; it’s an entire experience that takes you on a journey of luxury, leisure, and fun. It is a world within itself, giving life to the spirit of Miami Beach. Plan your visit to Fontainebleau Miami to encounter the epitome of luxury and class.

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