5-Star Lakeside Serenity and Adventure at Scotty’s Resort

Welcome to the Epitome of Lakeside Serenity and Adventure

Lakeside Serenity and Adventure at Scotty’s Resort begins as you enter a realm where calmness fuses with excitement. The serene atmosphere, coupled with the striking scenery of the clear lake, is hypnotic. This destination is tailored for every preference, be it a quiet recess or a jubilant vacation.

Where Comfort Meets Style

Each abode at our resort, from the quaint lakeside cottages to the plush hotel suites, presents a sanctuary of solace and refinement, promising restful slumber and an opulent sojourn. Superior amenities and chic décor, mirroring the placid lake and its environs, come standard.

Culinary Excellence by the Lake

Epicurean pleasures abound with our expert chefs conceiving sumptuous delicacies from prime local produce. The principal eatery overlooks the waters, adding to a gourmet affair with a rich wine collection, while the café and grill propose laid-back environs for satisfying bites and cool libations.

Boundless Outdoor Enjoyment

The heart of outdoor recreation beats here. Navigate the lake with watercraft, savor the ease of our marina for boat outings, or traverse nature trails. Engage in golf, or join our health programs.

Lakeside Serenity and Adventure at Scotty's Resort

The Year-Round Haven

Scotty’s Resort pulsates with life in every season. Revel in sunny beach days during summer, embrace the warm hues of fall, cherish winter’s snowy enchantments, or witness spring’s reawakening flora and fauna.

Peerless Event Coordination

For momentous occasions, rely on our adept event planning. Be it weddings, business retreats, or reunions, our spaces are adaptable to your grand plan, ensuring indelible memories.

Oasis of Wellbeing

Delve into wellness at our spa, uphold fitness regimes at our gym, bathe in the heated pool, or meditate in our gardens. Your welfare is our focus.

Service Par Excellence

Our team is devoted to your needs, ready to make arrangements or suggest attractions. Benefit from our concierge, 24-hour reception, and free Wi-Fi.

Eco-Conscious Practices

We champion environmental care through sustainable measures—energy efficiency, water stewardship, and backing local eco-initiatives—for a pristine tomorrow.

Cultural Riches Nearby

The area’s culture and history are alive with museums, landmarks, and markets. Partake in our guided tours or local celebrations for a richer encounter.

Your Unforgettable Stay Awaits

Opting for an unforgettable experience at Anse Chastanet Resort is to choose a locale where serenity and vitality converge, promising an exceptional stay that lingers in memory. Reserve your visit with us for an unparalleled blend of relaxation, excitement, and exploration.

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